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Helping you make the most of your data protection and privacy compliance, through audits, training, action plans, stakeholder engagement and risk management.


Whether it is at the ‘idea’ and design phase for your solutions or the ‘pilot” and deployment phase, help identify areas to support Data Protection by Design and by Default.


Develop clear language for schools, from contracts and Data Processing Agreements through to User Guides and supporting materials for children.

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We always try to ensure that we share as much as we can publicly and that where there are helpful articles that we can point people towards, we will do so as part of our ongoing, free service. We do try to make sure that this is done impartially and fairly, and we are always happy to accept contributions from others.
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Have you ever wondered what GDPR Compliance means for EdTech Vendors or for Schools?

Late last year I sent out a series of tweets referencing what schools and EdTech vendors need to do around The Children’s Code. Following on from the session at BETT[…]

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"Safety on Death Star" by Kalexanderson is marked with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Looking at a ‘least access’ approach, from both a data protection and safeguarding point of view

It was so good to be back at BETT a few weeks ago, and there are a raft of really good reports, talks and narratives about what people found, were[…]

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My Data Protection World

The Problem With the EdTech Community is …

Well, there isn’t really a problem. Or rather the are so many little ones that to say there is a problem is like saying coastal erosion is a problem. And[…]

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Accountability and Transparency

Gain a better understanding about school needs for data protection and privacy

Learn how to provide scenarios to customers that make their life easier – show your accountability and demonstrate your transparency

A few things we’re great at

We understand how schools work, how Local Authorites work and how EdTech companies work. We understand the importance of Privacy in the connected world and the importance of supporting schools making the right decisions. We understand the limitations that EdTech companies face and the difficulties schools have in changing their own culture.

Data Protection by Design and by Default

Set the tone right at the very beginning.

Culture Change

Ensure your staff are in the right place with the right knowledge to support your business and to help you support your customers.

Accountability and Effectiveness

Knowing where you are is part of the first step of any journey. Keeping a track of where you want to go and how to get there won’t work without it.


Whether face to face, remote webinars or online learning, training is key all aspects of data protection and privacy.


The Secret of Success

The Department for Education’s Data Protection Toolkit for Schools would not have become what it is without the support of people like Tony Sheppard.


As a member of Becta’s Information Management and Data Protection working group, Tony has contributed to guidance to schools since mid-2000s

A frequent collaborator on the community for IT professionals, Tony is the go-to person for Data Protection and Privacy


Following the DfE’s Working Group, a successor community was set up to help the drive between schools, EdTech vendors and agencies.

Promoting Open Source

Tony is well known and well respected across the EdTech sector, and continues to work with others on building Open Source resources and standards around Data Protection and Privacy in EdTech.


The Secret of Success

As part of the drive to help EdTech vendors improve their compliance and to be able to demonstrate it, the My Data Protection World team have continued to openly co-operate with DPOs in schools, DPO service Providers, Compliance solutions, Agencies and the wider EdTech industry to clearly set out expectations from schools.


By translating the ICO’s Accountability Toolkit into a model more readily available to EdTech Companies, MDPW’s Framework aims to streamline the work for businesses.


Working with schools and DPOs, we have been able to identify the stumbling blocks so many educational institutes face, and align these with models provided by GDPR in Schools.


Core to supporting EdTech Companies is helping with how they communication key information to schools and DPOs. Schools and Trusts should be completing Due Diligence when working with EdTech companies, so let’s make it easy for them.


Having an understanding of how children grow in their digital experiences in life, both in and out of school, allows the team to help EdTech companies develop products, ensure the right messages are with schools and support children in their own rights.

What people have said

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others say:

Anyone who knows or has worked with Tony will appreciate his work ethic and the professionalism with which he approaches everything, not to mention his fantastic sense of humour!

Matt Robbins

Director of IT

Working with Tony proved to be extremely valuable experience in terms of my own professional development. I learned a great deal in that he shows a high degree of enthusiasm and professionalism in whatever task he is confronted with. He has a welcome ability to think outside the box whilst staying open minded to the opinions of others and totally focused on the challenges he faces.

Shereen Johnson

Blue Rose Relations

Tony is a ‘one of the kind’ an educational technologist. I can truly say that working with him has been a pleasure not only has he got an extensive knowledge on educational matters but is backed up with a high technical knowledge

Russell Dyas

Rencore GmbH

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Our fledgling team are always eager to work with and support others, helping to provide clients with access to a wealth of expertise. Having worked across the sector for over 2 decades, we have been able to connect or work with some of the best in the business. Come and talk to us if you need peer support, fact checking or simply want to swap jokes.

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Tony Sheppard

Founder and Principal Consultant

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